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To empower children to connect to the whole of their experience.

We believe that stories are powerful for children and adults alike. Through stories, we see ourselves in others. We feel connected and that we belong to this big club called humans. Stories have the power to make sense of our experiences. Experiences that are ours and unique, yet shared and is part of being human; we are not alone. We promise to represent all children and celebrate cultural, gender, family and disability diversity.


People are connected and experiences are shared.

We want to gift you with words that empower you to talk to children with compassion, openness and acceptance. Our books are inclusive, representative and cover the whole spectrum of human experience.

Core Values



Our books teach children to be kind to others and accept themselves.



We are matter of fact about things. We don’t sugar coat and we don’t sensationalise.

Everyone is Seen


Diverse stories and characters. Our stories don’t define people by their experience but we do give room to those who are often under-represented.



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Zoe Ash


Zoe has worked as a social worker with children and families for the past 8 years. Zoe has often wondered how best to explain her role to children and the reasons for her regular visits to their home. Children have a brilliant way of asking innocent questions, expecting a simple answer.

Finding the words doesn’t always come naturally and it can feel uncomfortable talking to children about difficult experiences. It’s easy to avoid conversations about things like drugs, violence, depression, death and sex… For obvious reasons. Sometimes when we’re anxious about what to say, we over do it, go too far and say too much. That’s not helpful either.

Be With Books is set up to empower the kinds of conversations that connect children to what they are experiencing, through stories that resonate with their own. We really welcome your feedback, collaboration and questions, so please get in touch. We hope our books are of service to you!

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