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Be with books is for individuals and organisations who need supportive resources that empower them to talk to children about all aspects of human life; the good, the bad, the mundane.

We are a UK based book shop that provides curated content and consultancy on these topics. We ensure ALL children are represented in our stories and celebrate family, cultural, gender and disability diversity.

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We want to make talking to children easy. Browse our book shop to find the book or bundle best suited for you, your situation or interests. Try our quick and simple quiz to find the books you need or contact us for specific recommendations or advice.

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We’ve created collections of books according to current, unique and natural life topics.

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Our books are curated by themes and topics, to make it straightforward for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. See below for some of the most commonly searched for topics, and visit the shop for the full collection available.

Loss and Separation

Loss takes many different forms. These books give words to the experience of loss and separation whether through death, divorce, moving house, or simply seeing less of someone.

Cultural Diversity

Here we have much to celebrate. In this category you’ll find books about culturally specific festivities. It is also a place for children who are often underrepresented in literature to see themselves in the characters of these beautiful stories.

Love and Kindness

Stories that speak of friendship, courage and inspire us to be kind to ourselves and available to one another.

Family Upbringing and Care

You’ll find this theme helpful if you want to talk to a child about different family set ups. There is also space here for children who have experienced domestic violence, have a parent in prison or have been through the family court process.

Feelings and emotions

Big feelings, little feelings and everything in between. Books that bring language and feelings together so that children have a way of expressing what’s being felt inside.

Disability and empowerment

These books empower us to take responsibility for inclusion and represent the diverse nature of disability. Books that inspire children to dream big are included here.

Gender equality

Open and fluid conversations about gender are encouraged and can be explored through this curation of books.

Foster care and adoption

Fostered and adopted children need us to see this experience through their eyes. Books can help introduce the concept of foster care or adoption to children as well as assist conversations about a child’s unique life story.

Illness and wellness

Books that help children explore ways we can look after our physical and mental health. These books may also help if you are trying to find the words to explain about a specific illness.

Earth and the environment

Use this selection of books to educate, inform and connect children to beauty, wonderment and realities of the natural environment changes and the ways we can protect our planet.

Immigration and welfare

A sensitive yet essential conversation to have with children of all ages. Stories on this topic provide a way to connect children with this aspect of human life and those who are more directly impacted.

Sex, bodies and babies

We need sensitive and honest ways to talk to children about sex. A range of books that help explain where babies come from, how to make them and what private parts of our body require consent to touch.


Dennis and the Big Decisions

By Paul Sambrooks

Dennis and his little sister had to leave their mum and dad. Dennis and his sister missed their mum and dad and wanted to know if they would ever go home and who would look after them, as they were growing up.
Dennis and the big decision can help very young children who have been separated from their parents understand what’s happening and why. Story contains specific reference to court proceedings and practice guidance included.

Book Bundles

If you’re an organisation looking for a collection of diverse books, our bundles will help you diversify your contribution to children and families.

Our bundles also make great gifts for the parents, teachers, social workers, foster carers or support people in your life. Why not acknowledge them with a personalised gift bundle.

Social Worker Essentials
(5-book Bundle)


Whether you are newly qualified or experienced in working with children and families, these books are essential for direct work with children in need/ child protection and children in care.

For Fostering Agencies
(22-book Bundle)


This selection of books will support foster carers speak and relate to children who have experienced trauma from abuse, neglect, separation and loss.

Primary Schools Teacher Gift Box
(3-book Bundle)


We’ve curated a bundle of books for KS1 + KS2 that inspire kindness, friendship and love between children of every class, gender, culture and ability.

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